"Shooting with Gotham Glamour was the most amazing experience of my life."

                                                                                    - Miss G


I loved my experience when I shot with Steward from Gotham Glamour.  He made

me feel so comfortable.  After a while it felt like we were just old friends.  The photos

were better than i could have ever imagined.  I was so excited when I got the book.

I could not believe that the woman on the pages was me.  My inner Diva really came out!

                                                                                        - Mrs J


Steward Noack is, hands down, one of the best photographers I have ever worked

with.  He has a great eye for composition and detail and is able to give that perfect

mix of direction/guidance while allowing a woman her own creative expression. 

I want to also stress that he has exceptional people skills, an aspect that sometimes

goes unmentioned in light of his impressive technical skills.  I had never done a

lingerie shoot with anyone before, but he made me feel extremely comfortable and

safe and respected, and I honestly wouldn't have felt good about trying a shoot like

that with anyone else.  He's also funny and great to talk to.  He'll make you laugh

and forget all about being nervous.  I've worked with a lot of different photographers,

and I've always felt a little bit shy about looking directly into the camera with any

kind of intensity, because it's hard to give a smoldering look to someone when you're

a bit of a shy girl to begin with, but he makes you feel so at ease that you feel you

can take on whatever persona you want, without getting self conscious.  Then he

swoops in and captures your beauty and character in that glorious moment of

                                                                       - Miss P


Working with Steward was very relaxed and fun.  He puts you at ease in a safe environment

that makes for wonderful pictures!  My husband LOVED the beautiful book of pictures that

were both classy AND sexy!  

                                                                           - Mrs. N


"I have been modeling for over 15 years and one of my favorite photographer is

Steward Noack.  I had the pleasure to work with him many times and I always enjoyed

his professionalism and pleasant personality.  But most importantly, I am very happy

with the photos that we produced together.  Not only he made me feel at easy in his

studio so that I felt relaxed, but he captured my beauty and sensuality like no other

photographer.  He is very talented and has a great eye to focus on and featuring my

qualities.  The boudoir photo book showcasing pictures of our shoot makes me look

like a Hollywood movie star.”   

                                                                        -  Miss E.


We were totally at ease working with Stew.  He was so prepared for our session that it flowed

with ease.  Stew created such a comfortable, casual and light atmosphere we almost forgot we

were being photographed.  We so thoroughly enjoyed his sense of humor and his friendly,

good natured personality that we were sorry the session ended.  We definitely intend to use

Stew's services again.

We absolutely love the pictures we received from our session.  They were far beyond what either

of us expected.  They were sophisticated, playful and sexy.  Stew didn't just capture our images,

he captured our emotions, something that we will always treasure.  The album that Stew created

for us is stunning.  So beautiful and warm that we love sharing it with close friends.  We would

not hesitate to recommend Stew to anyone who is looking to do a boudoir shoot.” 

                                                                        - Mr & Mrs Y

Well what can I really say about this awesome photographer?!  First of, I swear he is not

paying me to do this, I am being extremely honest.  I was bit skeptical in terms of shooting

anything boudoir or too sexy, but I stumbled upon Stew’s portfolio, and told myself this

man has to shoot me!  I was honestly nervous, but I felt more comfortable with him than

with any other photographers.  He is funny, honest and never pushy.  The work speaks for

itself, and the experience I had with him was incredible.

                                                                        - Miss A


I have been a professional actress and model for over a decade. During that time, I've had the

pleasure of working with Stew Noack more than a dozen times. He is hands down my favorite

photographer, and I have worked with literally hundreds of others over the years.

What stands out most about Stew is his incredible talent for photography, lighting and composition

and his keen artistic eye. Just as important, is his passion and enthusiasm. Stew brings out the best

in the model as he is so passionate and excited about each and every creative project.   I always feel

at ease to try new poses and ideas, as Stew's shoots are such a comfortable and fun environment.  

He is so kind and supportive and encouraging, which is exactly what every model needs to do

his/her best.

Additionally, I have gotten so much positive feedback from others with regard to my shoots with Stew.  

Our images have been published worldwide in numerous magazines and books, from New York to Italy

to Germany to the UK and more.

I highly recommend Stew's work and I hope to shoot with him for many years to come.

                                                                        - Suzi Lorraine


I always have a fun time shooting with Steward Noack.  Working with him is relaxed, comfortable, and I

always know I'm going to get some gorgeous photos!   

                                                                        -Miss Mary C