What is Glamour Photography?
Glamour Photography is a photo session where the client is dressed and primped in their sexiest outfit to show off their beauty, style and sex appeal. Outfits range from classy to scandalous depending on the clients comfort level. Glamour photos usually follow the trends of most high fashion magazines.

What is Boudoir Photography?
Boudoir Photography is an intimate portrait showcasing your sexier side in revealing clothes. The photos are commonly taken with the client in their best or newest lingerie, revealing outfit or done as an implied nude image. Some people bare it all. It depends on the person’s modesty and comfort level.

What are your studio hours?
My studio hours vary but all sessions are by appointment only.  I am available weekday evenings and all day and night on weekends and some holidays.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Shipping, sales tax and boutique packaging is included with your Boudoir session pricing. Express or rushed orders or shipping will be an additional fee.

What if I am not comfortable with a male photographer?
That is a very valid concern. Gotham Glamour's photographer, Steward,  works with his clients to feel comfortable and and have a pleasant experience. Regardless some people only want to shoot with a female photographer. We respect that choice and decision. We can recommend several NYC based female boudoir and glamour photographers for you to work with.

Please note that Gotham Glamour is one of a the very few male boudoir photographers in New York City. Male photographers give a very different photographic view than female photographers. Gotham Glamour strives to bring out your most sensual, sexy and classiest looks possible in a comfortable non judgemental environment.

What should I wear and bring with me?
All that is answered in the consultation process once you book your Gotham Glamour photo session.

Can I bring a friend and can they get a session as well?
We encourage people to bring a friend. The more comfortable you are the better the photos and the better your experience. Some clients choose to have their friend get a photo session done after them so they can encourage each other and have a friend support them. We love these kinds of sessions.

Will my images show up on your website or blog?
No. Your images an privacy are very important to us. We do not show your photos to anyone but you. All the photos on our website and blog are used with written permission in the form of a model release from our clients and models.

I don’t have a perfect body, can you help with that?
No one is perfect. But you are glamorous! We work with you to showcase your assets and hide the parts of you that you are not comfortable with. This is done with creative posing and lighting. When people look at your final images they will see the person they love in fresh and new glamorous way. Photos you will be proud of.

What retouching is included?
We do basic blemish removal smoothing of skin folds and some skin softening. Anything more will require additional retouching that is not included in the package price. That level of retouching is best spent on large prints that you want to purchase. Our large canvas prints include detail retouching in their price. We can also do magazine quality retouching at an additional fee per image.


Please e-mail or call us with any other questions or concerns you may have.






Once you have decided that you want to celebrate yourself and preserve your beauty to make it timeless with a glamorous photo, you need to call or e-mail Gotham Glamour. Go to our contact page to book your appointment. From there we can make arrangements with you for the date and location of your photo shoot. The full non-refundable retainer and signed contract is needed to secure the shooting date. Any hotel location shoots will have to be paid for and arranged by the client. All "A La Carte" products & prints are paid separately after the shoot and after you have reviewed your photos.

Payments can be made with a valid credit card, debit card, paypal account or in cash. Gotham Glamour uses a secure payment system for all it's financial transactions.

We will call you and send you a questionnaire that you need to fill out so we can better personalize your photo shooting experience. A consultation packet will be e-mailed to you detailing information about outfit choices, accessories, how to prepare before the photo shoot, make-up and make-up artist information, as well as tips and tricks to make your experience the best it can be.

If you require a make-up artist or hair stylist we can put you in touch with qualified people that we have worked with. All payments and arrangements are made between the client and  the make-up artists and hairstylists, not through Gotham Glamour. Clients can do their own hair and make-up if they choose. We suggest having a professional work with you as it will allow for a more glamorous transformation. An investment in yourself like a glamour or boudoir photo session can only be enhanced with professional hair and make-up.

Gotham Glamour will follow up with you after we have reviewed your questionnaire and you have had time to read the consultation packet. Any and all meetings can either be by e-mail, phone or in person (in person meetings are dependent on your distance from midtown Manhattan). The choice of meeting really depends on your time schedule and level of comfort. NYC moves at a hectic pace so we work with you to fit inside your own personal schedule. We also respect your privacy and can be discreet in our contacting you so as not to alert your partner if this session is a gift to them.

An e-mail will be sent to you a week before the session as a reminder. A second reminder will be sent the day before our session.

The day of the shoot will be a magical and amazing experience. Prepare to be pampered and feel glamorous. We will review and pick your outfit or outfits before your make-up and hair is done. Then it is on to the photo session! The photographer will assist you with posing and expressions. Jokes will be made and the studio will be filled with laughter. Much fun will be had.

You will be able to review your session photos 7 days after your photo shoot. A secure password protected gallery will be available for your review. The photos in the gallery will only be up for 7 days. Any additional print, canvas or book purchases can be made within that review time. Please note the additional products chosen will not be ordered until the items are paid for in full. All your photos will be deleted from the our hard drives 6 months after your shoot date.

Photo books take 14-18 days to design and be printed until they are available to you.  Photo prints take 10-14 days from purchase date. Canvas and other specialty prints take 14-21 days from purchase date to be available.  All products can be picked up at the photo studio or mailed to you directly in plain packaging. Delivery times may vary depending on printer’s backlog.

All information from our session is kept confidential.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  This is your opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do.  E-mail or call us and prepare to be GLAMOROUS!