Gotham Glamour strives to give you an experience that will bring the beauty and glamour inside all women and capture it in a visual image that radiates your sensualist and beauty. We get excited to give you the transformative experience of a life time where you can be pampered, feel pretty and be the shiny diva that you have been hiding inside. In your daily life you may not have the time or energy to be stunning in make-up and clothes. Once you commit to a glamour or boudoir shoot with Gotham Glamour we will give you the sacred space to open up and let your radiant beauty shine.

Gotham Glamour is New York City's premier glamour and boudoir photography studio. Focused in our ability and style to give you the personal touch to extract the best vision of yourself. We photograph women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Our talents lend to a specialty in working mature and confident women.

Gotham Glamour’s chief photographer Steward takes pride and joy when he can work with a client to extract their beauty into a photo that radiates sensuality and grace. Photographs that glow with the allure of glamour and sexiness is what Steward strives for. Every woman has a natural seductive beauty within that is yearning to come out. New York is tough town and hard working women don’t always have the luxury of showing their sassy alluring side. Gotham Glamour can help you capture that tempting beauty and make it timeless.

Indulge and give yourself the gift of radiant beautiful you. Don’t let another year pass and regret not creating a portrait of how awesome you are. Now is the perfect moment to get a glamour or boudoir make over and photo session to celebrate your beauty forever. Pick up the phone or send me an e-mail and “get ready to be glamorous!”

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Please review the Experience/FAQ page of our website to see what a typical photo session entails.